12 Tips for Buying a House

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1) Extra Credit

Pay attention to the additional credit, for example new credit cards, promotions (no payments for one year) or other co-signing loans or mortgages. Keep your payments up to date, including those of your current mortgage.

2) Down Payment

Keep the funds for your down payment, and do not forget to submit the required evidence.

3) Secure your investments

Monitor the investments you need to complete the transaction. You do not take an interest in the balance of these investments they may fall below the amount required for the real estate transaction.

4) Do not close your accounts

It may be better not to close the accounts whose balance is zero. Also, if you make large deposits, you are able to explain them with supporting documents.

5) Availability of documents

Try not to pack important documents concerning your mortgage / home.

6) Do not quit your job

If possible, do not quit your job, move to a part-time schedule or reduce your income just prior to funding.

7) Ask your broker about job changes

Tell your planner if you are on probation at work, if you go on maternity / paternity leave or disability leave for short or long periods of time.

8) Disclose all your debts

Did you disclose all your debts / obligations? People often forget their auto leasing, student loans or their past difficulties with credit.

9) Change the date of purchase of the house

Do not change your date without telling your mortgage planner and do not forget to meet all the conditions specified in the authorization of your loan at least ten days prior to closing.

10) Fire insurance, life and disability

Take out fire insurance and study your options for life insurance.

11) To act with diligence

Respond quickly to all those involved in your real estate transaction and mortgage.

12) Plan your start-up costs

Plan your closing costs, such as land transfer tax, appraisal fees, legal fees, fees for utility connections, property taxes and the interest adjustment, so not to be taken by surprise.

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