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duCourtier will keep track of all referrals submitted online. You will receive a confirmation of the referral via e-mail. Once the act of sale has been legally signed and registered at the registry office the notary/lawyer will pay the invoice sent to them by duCourtier. Once payment is received by duCourtier a gift card in the amount of 250.00$ will be mailed to you within 7 business days unless there are unforeseen circumstances (for example a postal strike) by regular mail through Canada Post. It is vital that you keep your e-mail and mailing address up to date for us to communicate with you otherwise we will cancel the gift card after 6 months.

Referral Gift Form

To refer a family member or a friend please complete step 1 (if you know the exact information for either of the other 2 steps please complete either step 2 or step 3).

For selling a property please complete step 1 and 2.

For buying a property please complete step 1 and 3.

Referral Gift Form to be Completed and Returned


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